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  HAMMERHEAD® has an active program of research and engineering that keeps us on the leading edge of paintball gun technology. Our barrels are covered by U.S. Patents, No's. 7,302,944 B2 and 7,441,557, and we have other patents pending covering barrels, methods of making barrels, and paintball projectiles.

The following trademarks belong to MODERN COMBAT SOLUTIONS: HAMMERHEAD, Battle Stikxx Recon, Bang Stikxx, Shark Tooth, Dominator, Mofo, HAMMERHEAD Torpedo, and Protip, as well as JUST.
Step 5 Once you turn everything on, you will see the screen light up, and the first image you will see is the Epson logo, followed by an message that the projector is searching an active input source.
PLAIN. MEAN, the distinctive Shark logo, and the distinctive fluted barrel design are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.