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pinokio hopper special
       Now Available!!!

Link Sniper Barrel Adapter
Now Available!!!
LINK  Are you that sniper in the Gilley suit that counts hits per ball? Now is your chance to connect multiple barrels and “Custom Make” your own “Extra Long” rifled barrel. You will be amazed with the results from shooting “Linked” barrels. We were. You can use this “link” on any existing Hammerhead barrel that has a threaded front,and most other standard barrels that have threaded fronts. This “Link” works with Tippmann’s “Straightline” barrels, and their new TPX pistol to add a rifled Sharktooth® to give that James Bond silencer-look, or convert the TPX to a longer rifled barrel.

Now Available!!!
Alpha Black Riffled Barrel System.
Our new Alpha Black Fin System allows you to use either our Rifled Bang Stickxxtm or Rifled Battle Stikxxtm Barrels on your Alpha Black Marker. Simply select "Tippmann Alpha Black" as the thread type when ordering your barrel or barrel kit.





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